The file or folder … does not exist

I had been having a strange problem with Samba, where creating shares through KDE created shares that are visible through SMB or Windows clients, yet opening them only showed an error that “The file or folder does not exist”.

There are two fixes for this problem:

Firstly, if you remove the line “msdfs proxy = no” from each share in smb.conf (usually found in /etc/samba/) , it seems to work – however you will have to remove this line every time you create a share, which is hardly ideal.

The second solution (and preferred one) is to turn off msfds hosting. The simplest way to do this in KDE is browse to:

kControl Center -> Internet & Network -> Samba -> Advanced Tab -> VFS

And uncheck “Host msdfs”.

Or if you are not using KDE, edit your smb.conf with your text editor of choice, and change the line “host msdfs = yes” to “host msdfs = no”, or just add the line “host msdfs = no” if there isnt a line referring to msdfs hosting.

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  1. Thank you so much! That totally solved my problem, although I don’t really know what the msdfs does. At least it worked. Before, Windows couldn’t access my Samba shares, nor could I access them via Localhost. Had the “File or Folder does not exist” error, Now it’s solved. Shares accessible through Localhost and other Windows hosts! Great!

  2. Thx for posting this fix. I had the same problem and couldn’t figure it out. I’ve always setup my samba shares on my server with the config file. I decided to try it through KDE after installing Kubuntu. Now I can do it the Kubuntu way. LOL.

  3. THANK YOU! I’ve been wrestling with samba for several hours now trying to get it to work, your solution worked instantly and perfectly!!!!

  4. Thanks a million!
    I was ready to just throw in the towel. Then I found this post and just commented out the msdfs line and was able to see my linux shares on Windows!

  5. I am most grateful for your expertise and also your clear explanation.
    I have tried many “solutions”, none of which worked. Some were so brief that I probably did not complete them properly. We noobies need to have our hands held!
    Once again, my sincere thanks.

  6. Dude, YOU ROCK!!!!! I’ve been killing myself for hours trying to figure out what I was doing wrong in the configuration. I could connect to a share on a Debian Server with an XP Pro machine, but not with a Kubuntu Intrepid machine. It made absolutely no freaking sense. It still doesn’t make sense, but it works. THANKS A MILLION!!!!!

  7. This solution sounds promising but I am still having the same problem. Even if I try to access the shares from explorer of my server where samba is hosted it reports the error “file or folder does not exits”. If have commented the line “host msdfs =no”.
    I am using fedora 8 on VM ware with samba server running on it.
    Help needed !!!!!!!!!!please in deep trouble 🙁

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