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Dell PowerEdge 1750 Wake On LAN on Gentoo/Funtoo Linux

After my previous entry about my PowerEdge 1750 , I’ve been trying to get Wake-On-LAN working. On every other machine I own, it simply involves at most activating WOL in the BIOS, then running ‘ethtool -s eth0 wol g’ on boot, but the PowerEdge 1750 with the “Broadcom Corporation NetXtreme BCM5704 Gigabit Ethernet” network card is a bit trickier to get working correctly.

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Upgrading Dell ESM firmware on an unsupported OS

I recently received a free Dell Poweredge 1750 from work ( they were having a clearout of old hardware and I grabbed it first ), and naturally the first thing I installed was Funtoo ( essentially it’s an experimental version of Gentoo ) .

Installation worked fine, but the only problem I have is the server is quite loud. Plugging in the second PSU dropped the noise considerably, but I would like it to be quieter. Googling around, I found a few suggestions to upgrade the BIOS and ESM firmware, upgrading the BIOS was simple – download the BIOS .bin file from Dell, chmod +x and run, but the ESM upgrade isn’t as simple.
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GlusterFS 3.2 on Gentoo

I’ve been looking at cloning ( or somehow maintaining synced ) file-systems between multiple servers, and after looking at other solutions ( regular rsyncs, inotify etc ), a clustered file-system seems to be the best solution. GlusterFS looks to be a popular Open Source based solution, however there doesn’t seem to be a complete walk-through for setting it up on Gentoo ( there is a guide for Fedora 13 which I have based some of this guide from, however it seems to be based on an older version of GlusterFS ), so I’ve decided to write one specifically for Gentoo and GlusterFS 3.2.
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