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Adding a hostname to Logrotate email subjects

I have logrotate running on my virtual servers ( both local and Amazon EC2 based ) and configured to send myself all log files by email daily. They are all running virtually the same configuration, and this makes it difficult to work out which log file is tied to which machine. The simplest way to fix this, is to ensure all logrotate emails append the hostname of the machine it is sending from within the subject of the email.

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Using Apache to intercept HTTPS traffic

Due to the increase in processing power available, the use of SSL has become more widespread. This is obviously a good thing, especially with UK ISPs spying on ( and annoyingly, replaying ) web traffic recently, however this can be a showstopper when trying to debug a misbehaving application.

To get around this, and allow us to see what exactly an application, or even a web browser is doing, we can use Apache ( with mod_proxy and mod_dumpio ) to perform a man-in-the-middle attack , and view the traffic.
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Google Cloud Print on Gentoo

Google have recently released their Google Cloud Print service . It is currently built into Google Chrome on Windows and Mac, but unfortunately it is not yet available officially for Linux.

Fortunately there is an unofficial open source project on Github, called cloudprint . It is fairly new, so isn’t yet in the Gentoo repositories, so I’ve produced an ebuild to make it easy to install and setup under Gentoo Linux.

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