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GlusterFS 3.2 on Gentoo

I’ve been looking at cloning ( or somehow maintaining synced ) file-systems between multiple servers, and after looking at other solutions ( regular rsyncs, inotify etc ), a clustered file-system seems to be the best solution. GlusterFS looks to be a popular Open Source based solution, however there doesn’t seem to be a complete walk-through for setting it up on Gentoo ( there is a guide for Fedora 13 which I have based some of this guide from, however it seems to be based on an older version of GlusterFS ), so I’ve decided to write one specifically for Gentoo and GlusterFS 3.2.
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Making all network traffic for a Linux user use a specific network interface

I’ve recently been testing out a VPN service, and normally while running the VPN, all internet traffic goes over the VPN interface. This isn’t really ideal, as I only want traffic from specific applications to use the VPN. IPTables doesn’t seem to have the option to filter specific processes, but it can filter based on a specific user account.

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Adding a hostname to Logrotate email subjects

I have logrotate running on my virtual servers ( both local and Amazon EC2 based ) and configured to send myself all log files by email daily. They are all running virtually the same configuration, and this makes it difficult to work out which log file is tied to which machine. The simplest way to fix this, is to ensure all logrotate emails append the hostname of the machine it is sending from within the subject of the email.

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