CUPS Cloud Print February Release – Better Logging, stability enhancements

This month’s release of CUPS Cloud Print is currently rolling out to the repositories, and brings a new round of bugfixes.

Most of the changes this month are related to logging output ( and fixing the annoying long standing ‘No handlers could be found for logger’ message ), and better maintenance of the file-system when packages are upgraded ( correct permissions on the config file, and managing the *.pyc files better through the package managers ).

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CUPS Cloud Print January Release – Moved to /usr/share

In the new release of CUPS Cloud Print, the major change is the migration of the scripts from /usr/lib/cloudprint to /usr/share/cloudprint , to comply with the UNIX Filesystem Hierarchy Standards, and reduce warnings/errors when creating packages.

Another change since the last release is the addition of signing of the RPM, and Arch Linux packages.

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Deconstructing the Virgin Media Censorship Infrastructure

Recently members of the UK government has been pushing towards increasing censorship of the Internet by forcing IPS to block ‘esoteric websites’, among other things by default. Once these filters have been around for a while, I suspect it will eventually not be possible to ‘opt out’ of the censorship, probably causing a major increase in the purchase of overseas VPNs, and users making themselves less safe by using random proxies for their internet traffic.

The ‘esoteric’ censorship currently isn’t in place for my ISP, but some UK ISPs have already been forced to block requests to specific web sites.  I would not be surprised if the same, or similar blocking framework will be used for the next round of censorship, so I have decided to investigate how the censorship of these “copyright infringing” sites currently work.

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CUPS Cloud Print October Release – Landscape printing fixes

This month I’ve been focusing on fixing page orientation ( landscape/portrait printing ).

Landscape printing should now be supported properly – CUPS Cloud Print will use imagemagick ( the 20131009 release used pdfjam, which had a lot of dependencies, and seems to have issues running under the ‘lp’ user under some distros, so this was changed for the 20131013 release ) to rotate the PDF to the correct orientation.

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