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New CUPS Cloud Print Release

The long-awaited latest release of CUPS Cloud Print is now available. The latest release contains:

  • New: Added Colour Model option to CUPS PPD, send Colour option to Google when printing to colour printers
  • New: Cloud Print printers now listed as ‘Discovered Network Printers’ when adding printers
  • New: PPD now has an IEEE 1284 device id
  • New: Device and options now logged when printing
  • New: PPD of cloud printers now replaced when upgrading CUPS Cloud Print
  • Fix: Fixed error when installing printer with non ASCII characters
  • Fix: Querying available options no longer hangs
  • Fix: More Python3 fixes
  • Fix: Check that files exist before attempting to delete them
  • Fix: PDF files should now print correctly

More information, and packages for the most common Linux distributions are available on the CUPS Cloud Print home page .

GlusterFS 3.2 on Gentoo

I’ve been looking at cloning ( or somehow maintaining synced ) file-systems between multiple servers, and after looking at other solutions ( regular rsyncs, inotify etc ), a clustered file-system seems to be the best solution. GlusterFS looks to be a popular Open Source based solution, however there doesn’t seem to be a complete walk-through for setting it up on Gentoo ( there is a guide for Fedora 13 which I have based some of this guide from, however it seems to be based on an older version of GlusterFS ), so I’ve decided to write one specifically for Gentoo and GlusterFS 3.2.
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Google Cloud Print on Gentoo

Google have recently released their Google Cloud Print service . It is currently built into Google Chrome on Windows and Mac, but unfortunately it is not yet available officially for Linux.

Fortunately there is an unofficial open source project on Github, called cloudprint . It is fairly new, so isn’t yet in the Gentoo repositories, so I’ve produced an ebuild to make it easy to install and setup under Gentoo Linux.

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