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CUPS Cloud Print Release – security enhancements

OpenSUSE developers have recently been conducting a secutity audit of CUPS Cloud Print as a precurser to including the software in their default repositories. As a result of this audit, they have discovered a few potential vulnerabilities, which this release ( version 20140814.2 ) fixes.

This upgrade should be rolling out to the CUPS Cloud Print repositories currently, and should be availably the next time you update packages on your machines.

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CUPS Cloud Print RPM and Arch repositories now support SSL

Just a quick post – previously the package repositories used for CUPS Cloud Print didn’t have SSL enabled ( the packages have been signed for a while, but this is some extra security which I feel is useful to add ), but I’ve now purchased an SSL certificate and enabled it on the niftyrepo.niftiestsoftware.com domain – if you currently have the CUPS Cloud Print RPM or Arch repo ( other repositories already have encrypted transport so need no changes ) installed I’d recommend updating it to use the new SSL URLs ( it’s just the same as the existing ones, but with https instead of http ).

The CUPS Cloud Print installation instructions have been updated with the new URLs.