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CUPS Cloud Print Release – CDD Support, other fixes

Google have apparently recently discontinued the ‘legacy’ capabilities function of the Google Cloud Print API. Unfortunately CUPS Cloud Print relied on this, so has been broken for most users. I’ve now updated CUPS Cloud Print to use the new ‘CDD’ ( Cloud Device Description ) feature, and printing with this new version should once again work properly with the 20160502 version.

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CUPS Cloud Print July Release – Refactored code, many bug fixes, Mac OS X package

There hasn’t been a new release of CUPS Cloud Print in while, and as a lot of bugfixes and changes have been made I’ve decided it’s about time to release a new version.

Over the past few months there has been a lot of work bugfixing, tidying and refactoring the code ( massive thanks goes to Jacob Marble at Google for help with this ) to increase the performance and generally make the software more maintainable and usable.

The new release is currently rolling out to the repositories, and should be available to install shortly.

As always, if you encounter any issues, please post an issue on Github.

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CUPS Cloud Print Second March Release – older CUPS bugfix

I discovered shortly after releasing the March release that distros running older versions of CUPS or PyCUPS ( CentOS 6 and Ubuntu 10.04 were the ones I noticed ) had an issue with the longer printer URIs that are now used in the 20140307 release onwards. To fix this, I’ve released a new version ( 20140308 ) which uses only the account and printer ids in the URI that CUPS uses.

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CUPS Cloud Print March Release – more bugfixes

The March release of CUPS Cloud Print is currently rolling out to the repositories, and has yet more bugfixes.

The main bug fixed this month was an issue regarding having multiple printers in the same Google Cloud Print account with the same name, this should now work correctly ( previously having two printers with the same name in the same account caused CUPS Cloud Print to pick one printer and ignore the other ). Printing from Adobe Reader should also now work correctly.

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CUPS Cloud Print February Release – Better Logging, stability enhancements

This month’s release of CUPS Cloud Print is currently rolling out to the repositories, and brings a new round of bugfixes.

Most of the changes this month are related to logging output ( and fixing the annoying long standing ‘No handlers could be found for logger’ message ), and better maintenance of the file-system when packages are upgraded ( correct permissions on the config file, and managing the *.pyc files better through the package managers ).

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